Corns & Callus

Corns and Calluses

Rough, hard or cracked skin on your feet? We can help!

Here at myPod Podiatry we treat a wide range of common skin condition, offering safe and painless removal of corns and calluses at all our clinics in Adelaide, South Australia, and on the Bellerine Peninsula (Victoria). It is a safe and quick procedure performed by our expert Podiatrists in a sterile manner, and we may need to discuss providing further treatment and prevention options to delay it from returning.

Why Do Corns Form Between Toes?

These occur in the same manner as corns in high pressure areas. Corns between toes develop due to friction and pressure from adjacent toes and tight footwear, causing the skin to harden in response to the increased force. The corns can be removed in the same manner as ones found in other areas. Preventative treatment can also be provided via custom made toe spaces, footwear recommendations, toe socks, or additional paddings to reduce pressure. It is important to get on top of this early as if the pressure is too great it can create a wound and if the individual has some healing deficiency may lead to an infection or worse.