Foot orthotics are shoe inserts made to structurally support the individuals foot. At myPod podiatry we prescribe custom made orthoses for a wide range of of reasons including the management any biomechanical deformities, pain and dysfunction.


We will perform an in-depth biomechanical assessment. If we deem orthotic therapy as an appropriate treatment for your lower limb complaint we will start off by taking a 3D digital impression of the foot.

We will then look at adding prescription and design variables to tailor a truly customised orthotic for the patient.


Custom orthotics are designed to sit comfortably underfoot inside footwear, changing the load patterns of the foot to improve function and performance, or help manage ongoing illness or injury.

At myPod Podiatry we create our premium orthoses from a variety of materials depending on what the patient requires. The shell of the device can therefore be made from a harder thermoplastic or carbon fibre construction for your athletes, through to your softer accommodating devices trying to offload a wound. Your myPod Podiatrist will discuss with you what the most suitable option is depending on your activity levels and your individual needs. The devices then can be customised with a variety of top cover finishes which again will be dependent on the activity.

The orthotics can also be made specifically for different types of shoes. For instance we often make a secondary pair for people’s dress shoes or footy boots as they have a slimmer profile compared to their sneakers/work shoes. Our normal turn around time for custom orthotic devices is 5 business days.

Pre-made orthotics

We also stock a range of pre-made orthoses which may be more appropriate for the growing child.