Paediatric Podiatry

Does your child have foot or leg pain, or are you concerned about the way they are walking?

The team at myPod Podiatry has a combined experience of over 20 years in Paediatric Podiatry. When children are born their feet have a lot of growing to do as they progress through childhood into the world of adults. Your child’s feet are the vehicles they will use to explore, play, compete and move around. Maintaining healthy feet in children is essential to help them have a happy and fulfilling childhood!

There are many reasons why children experience pain in their feet and legs as children’s feet undergo incredible growth and development in the early stages of their lives. We assess children right through from newborns to adulthood and here at myPod we are passionate about providing specialised and high-quality care to ensure the best outcome for the young foot.

Does your child…?

  • Have flat feet?
  • Have pain anywhere in the lower limbs and feet? Arch, heel, ankle, knees and hips?
  • Have pain that gets worse with activity, or pain that keeps them awake at night?
  • Have feet or knees that turn inwards or outwards when they are standing, walking or running?
  • Have any sporting limitations, such as tripping, clumsiness or fatigue?
  • Have sore toe nails that are in-growing?
  • Have painful skin lesions, such as plantar warts?
  • Do they walk on their toes?
  • Or are you unsure about what the best shoes are for your child?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, we would recommend that you come in and see one of our friendly Podiatrists today.

Treatment of Children’s Feet by a Qualified Podiatrist

If problems in children’s feet are caught early and the right treatment is prescribed, most conditions can have positive outcomes. For example, if a child has flat feet and the arches are developing poorly, a Podiatrist can prescribe orthotic inserts to help the child develop a healthy foot shape and improved gait.

Children should start to develop a more mature walking style (heel-to-toe) at two or three years old, with the arch developing between the ages of two and six. By six years of age your child’s foot should look similar to that of a healthy adult, with a positive arch and the flat appearance gone. If you have any concerns about the appearance or function of your child’s foot, it is essential to have them assessed by a qualified Podiatrist.